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Attorney Richard McGuire has been winning DUI Cases and Criminal Charge Cases for his clients for over 20 years.”


If you’re arrested for committing a crime or need a DUI Attorney, you don’t want to make a second mistake by choosing the wrong defense lawyer to represent you. Attorney Richard McGuire is your ticket to freedom.

Richard McGuire has years of expert legal knowledge and courtroom experience for all adult criminal and juvenile legal proceedings. So, if you have been arrested for DUI, charged with domestic assault, domestic violence, drugs and illegal substance, or if your child has been arrested or charged with a juvenile crime, it’s time to call the expert, Attorney Richard McGuire.


DUI is Driving Under the Influence. DWI is Driving While Intoxicated, and OUI is Operating Under the Influence.

If you have been arrested for a DUI/DWI/or OUI, you need legal representation right away. There is too much at stake. You can: go to jail, lose your license and right to drive, pay thousands of dollars in fines and possibly suffer job loss, or the ability to even get a job. What’s more, if you are convicted of a  DUI/DWI/or OUI trying to get car insurance will be difficult and costly.

Don’t take a  DUI/DWI/or DUI lightly. You should call Attorney Richard McGuire right away to receive your first consultation FREE!

Domestic Abuse

If you have been charged with domestic assault, Richard McGuire holds 20 years experience in the field and can help win your case.

Many times people are arrested for domestic violence, or served with a domestic violence restraining order. In these cases, you need legal representation to help you through these difficult and often times, tricky situations.

In many cases where a spouse is served with a domestic violence restraining order (DV restraining order), there was actually no domestic violence at all, and the serving spouse is using the DV restraining order for another purpose, like trying to gain an edge in a child custody case. If this happens to you, you need to call Attorney Richard McGuire right away. He is has successfully fought and won many domestic violence or a DV restraining order cases.

Drug Crimes

Whether it is a violation or your first charge, we are your best choice in drug crimes.

Attorney Richard McGuire has been successfully fighting drug charges for his clients for several years, and he has the experience and winning history to prove it.

Many people that are arrested for drugs or illegal substance don’t know that most of these cases can be won in a court of law, if you have the right attorney with enough experience fighting and winning such cases.

Juvenile Crime

If your child has been arrested for a criminal matter, we are here to help.

Nothing is harder on a parent or guardian than the arrest of a child. Many times the minor just happens to be with someone while a crime is being committed, but really did not take part of the crime itself. In the eyes of the law, if they are present, they are just as guilty.

The last thing you want is an inexperienced attorney representing your child should such an event occur where they are arrested for a juvenile crime. That’s when you need to call the expert. Attorney Richard McGuire has a great track record of success in helping minors and their parents to win their cases.

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