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Why is it Important to Hire the Best DUI Attorney? (Best DUI Attorney Orange County)

The Best DUI Attorney Orange County

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The Best DUI Attorney Orange County: If you have either been arrested/ indicted in any DUI case, you will require the best DUI lawyer to fight your case. Keep in mind that this is not a simple charge and that there are certain benefits to hiring a lawyer who has expertise in this field. The person will be very well-versed with all the laws that surround this particular charge and also with the local court system. He/she will also have a deep understanding about how a plea bargain has to be filed and will be able to effectively navigate the very complicated admin process that exists in most courts.

Hire the (Best DUI Attorney Orange County can offer!)

Hiring a respected and experienced DUI defense lawyer becomes all the more important if you have been charged with a similar crime in the past as well. However, if this is the first time you have committed an offense of this kind and if the circumstances are not very aggravating, there is a distinct chance that the charges may be a little less severe. The aggravating circumstances may include:

  • DUI with a child(minor) in your car
  • Reckless driving/extremely high blood alcohol content

If the officer who arrested you has already testified that your blood alcohol level was above the legally permitted limit or that you were driving recklessly, legal help is something you will need. In case of a 1st offense, pleading guilty might help your case. An experienced lawyer, The Best DUI Attorney Orange County knows exactly how the system works and will also encourage you to take the right decision, even if it means that you have to plead guilty to any particular charge.

Other Aspects

The other side of the coin is that there are a number of instances in which the way your lawyer handles the case, can actually reduce the severity of the DUI charges. For example, if your blood alcohol level was found to be only borderline, then a question can be raised around the accuracy of the report and the court might reduce the sentence. Another fact is that, a large percentage of DUI offenses, there is no jury present and you might get off with a very standard sentence. The Best DUI Attorney Orange County can benefit you in this area.

Thus, there are a number of technicalities and details that come into the picture in a DUI case. Having the right lawyer can mean the difference between you serving a prison sentence and being free. Never take a chance with trying to handle the case yourself, hire the Best DUI attorney Orange County.


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