Corona DUI Lawyers

Corona DUI Lawyers

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Corona DUI Lawyers. If you have been searching for a DUI attorney in the Corona, CA area, make sure that you call Attorney Richard Mcguire. He is not only the most knowledgeable in the area, but he is also one of the most economical. Richard McGuire will work with you on making sure you stay out of jail and start working towards rectifying the issue.

Richard McGuire has gotten numerous clients out of jail-term sentences and has continued to do so for some time. Contact us now for a free consultation on your case. Mr. McGuire has no problem answering questions, free of charge.

Corona DUI Lawyers

Attorney Richard McGuire

The United States Constitution states that a person is innocent until proven guilty. To a prosecutor, a person is guilty until proven not guilty. It is the prosecutor job to try to find you guilty, even if you’re innocent. If you are arrested for a crime you didn’t commit, you may innocently think that the justice system will be on your side and do the right thing. This is not the case. Innocent people are put in prison every day for crimes they didn’t commit. Why? Because they didn’t have the right attorney for the job.

You may also think the American criminal justice system is about justice, or right and wrong. Again, you would be sadly mistaken. The  American criminal justice system has nothing to do with justice or injustice, or even right and wrong. It has to do with win or lose. If you lose, you could face heavy fines, and or years in prison. And once you’re out of prison, it doesn’t stop. You may have to go to a halfway house where even a minor infraction of the rules could land you back in prison. Then you may have to spend years a probation officer on a monthly basis and paying the probation fees, your travel could be vastly restricted,  and your chance of finding a decent job will be greatly reduced. In short, the perfect storm for winding up, once again a victim of the American criminal justice system.

So ask yourself this question. Are you interested in justice, or winning? Call attorney Richard McGuire, based in Orange County. He has a long history of winning his cases and keeping his clients out of jail.

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