DUI Lawyers in Corona, CA

DUI Lawyers in Corona, CA

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If you do not retain a DUI specialist lawyer, following a DUI arrest, it may likely be a regrettable decision. Without an attorney, you will be given a free public defender who probably works with the district attorney and judge daily. They will not be looking to greatly improve your situation, as they wouldn’t want to ‘ruffle feathers’ with co-workers by demanding a lower sentence.

What you want is a charismatic, experienced attorney with the desire to remove jail time, fees, loss of license and more. In the long run, you look to save thousands by hiring a DUI lawyer. Attorney Richard McGuire of Corona, CA is known for just that, as well as his affordable rates. Call attorney Richard McGuire today to get started with a free initial consultation on your case. In most situations, Mr. McGuire has been able to prevent any jail time and have court fees lowered greatly.

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DUI Lawyers in Corona, CA

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